The Association of Generational Experts for Seniors (AGES) is an independent network of highly qualified, caring and knowledgeable professionals from family and senior related fields.  AGES has been created in the New York Metropolitan area for the purpose of addressing the needs and challenges that face many families today.  Each member applies their skill-sets in order to help guide seniors and family caregivers to an improved quality of life.  We work together as a cohesive resource team to address the concerns and needs of seniors and their caregivers.


AGES members recognize the growing need to work closely with senior citizens and family caregivers.  As the population is generally living longer, there is the opportunity to have an enhanced quality of life than ever before.  With this longevity come new needs, concerns and priorities.  There are new challenges that present themselves to us.  Among these challenges are additional emotional and financial burdens that family caregivers may incur by trying to balance the needs of themselves, their parents and their children.  


The AGES website has been created to give all visitors the opportunity to obtain senior related resources locally be reviewing our list of AGES Network members.  In addition, we offer a comprehensive list and links to resources nationally covering most areas that are of interest to seniors and their families.