Stephanie Pacchiano

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United Lifeline, United Home Services and Flushing House are all under the not-for-profit umbrella of the Presbyterian based UAM (United Adult Ministries) which originated in 1916.  United Lifeline is a 24/7 Personal Emergency Response Service (PERS) provider that offers medical alerts, medication dispensers, auto-alert buttons, advanced cellular units, adaptive devices for special needs and other technology with additional important provisions for third party notifications, an over 145 language line availability, month to month billing and installers who handle monthly maintenance.  

United Home Services is a membership based discounted home maintenance program that offers accessibility to prescreened handymen and skilled tradesmen.  

Flushing House is an affordable full-service congenial senior retirement residence that offers 310 spacious apartments, 24-hour security, restaurant style dining, weekly housekeeping/linen service and a variety of great recreational programs and much more.   All of these services share the same goal: To keep older adults, the frail and disabled safe, secure and independent, while offering hope and practical services to live confidently in today's world.  

United Lifeline offers peace of mind for the subscriber and their families and throughout the years over 21,000 individuals have been able to not only maintain their independence but also were prevented from succumbing to premature institutionalization by having prompt, easy access to medical, social services, security and assistance, as needed.

As Director of Community Relations, it is my privilege to further the outreach of our services by educating the public on the simplicity and cost effectiveness of our services.   With over a decade of experience within the nursing home sector prior to United Lifeline/UAM, I knew that ultimately healthcare strives to maintain the dignity, individuality and quality of life for each person as their health/safety needs evolve and our services address these important issues.  United Lifeline/Flushing House offer individuals the freedom of maintaining their course in life and accessing help when needed.  In today's complex world, providing a simple solution is always rewarding!